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I figure for fandom purposes, I should say that this isn't an empty journal, merely a private one.
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As a Russian ex-pat, this whole "attack on LJ" thing is not on. Seriously, Putin, don't you have some tigers to wrestle instead of taking my porn away?

That said, I'm kind of excited about being on DW. My LJ is primarily a RL journal, which I've had since I was a teenager, and so I never really post fannish things there. Maybe I'll actually get more into fandom, more actively than a lurker anyway, here.

This is all in aid of saying that while this journal is somewhat empty now, if I've friended you, it's because I really admire your writing/art/fannish insanity and want it at my fingertips/reading list.
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See how many Clues you get!


Nov. 21st, 2007 01:01 am
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I am on my first official day of vacation. Wow, how freeing. To celebrate, after work today I got my legs waxed. Because I like to celebrate by inflicting excruciating pain on myself. Don't know if I'll ever do that again...

I will be flying out to Vegas on Thursday and coming back on Tuesday. Yay, solo adventure. I think I will spend a lot of time meeting new people. My skillz seem to be a bit rusty. Must brush up. Also, hotel room on the strip all to myself. Score.

It is snowing outside. the second snow of this year. Supposedly its going to snow all day tomorrow. As long as it stops before Thursday, its alright with me. I love snow.

Work is interesting as always. Right before I left for the day today, they fired my future boss. They guy who's been in charge of the office where I am moving. Hmm, I wonder what this means for me?

I've been listening to this awesome song: "My Father was a Werewolf", it's by a celtic rock band the name of which I don't know. It reminds me of [ profile] madwolf.
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My favorite: Durmstrang: Sailor Song


Seriously, just watch it. The music choices are brilliant

And best band award goes to Voldie and the Dementors.

Apparently tonight is brought to you by a plethora of heretofore undiscovered HP flavored crack:

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my dad is visiting. I think I'm going to kill myself. Fast. This is only for today....
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For evidence, go here:

That was part one of our weekend.


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